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Welcome to the Burleson Gallery

Artist statement of purpose

To inspire, to delight, to uplift the spirit of the African American woman through my contemporary art.

About me and my art:

I have been drawing and painting in some form since I was about 4 years old. My father taught me to draw. I work in acrylics and oils. I have competed in many art and craft competitions and won numerous ribbons as well as monetary awards for my work.

I exhibit at various conferences and shows throughout the year. My work is known throughout the U.S.

I am known to most as Tina or just "T".

I enjoy working with vivid warm colors. Flowers are my favorite to paint, as are images of black women wearing head scarves/head rags and "church hats".

My thinking on head scarves/ hats is that they embrace images of our past. They are still worn today as a fashion statement and just everyday wear. Fancy hats, to me, are a reminder of how sophisticated we are as a people and how easily we move from our job which in reality doesn't define who we are, to an elegant and sophisticated people with much style and presence.

My angels are presented as a reminder to remember our spirit and our roots, not in Africa, but in our Father's image. We must stay in the light, nourishing all that is uplifting, positive and good.

My paintings of flowers are a simple reminder that it is all the colors that create the beauty. Created by God, flowers are free to all. Like the flowers, His love is abundant and free. We need only embrace and accept it.

We all possess gifts. Art is only one of my many gifts. My hope is that you will find enjoyment in my art and it will inspire you to move on your faith and belief, to share your dream, your gift, your vision, your passion, with the world around you.

God has no limits on his creations. Follow your dreams. Experience a magnificent journey! Oh yes, for an enhanced ride, take God along!

                                          May God's richest blessings be yours,

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